Hi, my name is Henrique. I'm brazilian and I have 15. Today I gonna talk a little 'bout me.


Like I already said, my name is Henrique. I was born in 10/26.
I live in Brazil, in one city no one knows.
Whaterever, since I was a kid, I always liked photography and to write. I had a dream to be a internacional famous writer, but when I grew up, i put my foot on the ground and though 'bout journalism or my passion, to be a teacher.
When a saw WHI mixed both I almost freaked out. So, I decided to try writing articles here (wish me luck lol).

What I like

First of all, I like so much to read. I learnt to read when I was 4, since this, i never stoped.
My favorite books are Hunger Games (all 3), Harry Potter (omg sz) and the saga Os Karas. The last one were made by Pedro Bandeira. He is a writer that i like so much and he was a inspiration to me.
Second, I really really like to photograph things as I said before. It became when I got a old broken camera that my parents had and started to act like i was a profesional photographer, then i started to use the good camera and i took not so bad pictures.

my collection w/ photos made by me

Lastly, i love from deep in my heart to watch tv shows. Kinda I'm watching three or for at the same time. No joking.

What I will post here

First, I will make some chronics 'bout somethings that happened with me (and some i will create).
Second, I will do some threads, reviews of tv shows, book etc.

Well, this is it. Hope you enjoyed.
See ya in the next article,