Hello! My name is Leila and this is my first article. I'll be talking about something quite interesting which I've been thinking about recently.

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Let's start firstly with what I mean by turning pain into power. The phrase, a lyric from the song 'Superheroes' by The Script implies taking the pain that you are experiencing and using that pain to drive you forwards, to give you power.
Now this concept works due to the fact that within pain there are certain emotions which can push you. For example: rage, anger, vengefulness.
So we can define pain as a fuel.
It is a powerful feeling and thus it gives you power.

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Which is not to say that we want to experience pain, it's not a positive emotion after all. But if we are being subjected to it, what we can do is instead of letting it break us down and ruin us we can harness it and allow it to build us up.

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We can use pain to break through and do things which we normally wouldn't have thought ourselves capable of doing.
This can work by taking the rage at those who make us feel pain and channeling it into our daily lives and tasks. Those things which we find hard to accomplish, we can push through them using power from pain. If we put all that anger that comes with pain and focus it into what we're doing then sometimes we can start to see better results than ever.

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This is because the feeling of anger at whatever is causing us pain can lead us to think "I will not be beaten by this, I will become better" and this determined mindset of not wanting to allow the pain to win and doing anything to make sure we win is what allows us to make accomplishments.

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So that's what you've gotta do.
Whatever pain you're feeling right now, you're gonna get through it. But while it's here, why not use it to do something useful?
Use pain to move forwards, to refuse to be beaten and to come out victorious.
Every day, every hour, turn the pain
Into power.

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Leila x