This is a reflexión that I wrote for my philosophy class, I just wanted to share with you

According to the dictionary, beauty is the quality of a person, animal or work of art capable of provoking a sensory, intellectual or spiritual pleasure to those who contemplate or listen to it. From here we can consider, beauty is objective or subjective?

On the one hand we have the opinion of objectivist beauty, affirms that the beauty or ugliness of things is based on the qualities of the object in itself that causes the same emotions to the viewer or some of the same. This position has dominated from classical antiquity to rebirth. It was based on the beauty canons that were considered perfect and that governed society.
As there are proportions that govern harmonious sounds, there are other relationships that make objects that keep this relationship from being more beautiful visually. From the 5th century BC, a number has filled the world of art, architecture, geometrical figures and nature and still today, is present in our social life, and in the world around us. It is the golden number, also called as a divine proportion or a golden ratio, as they were called the Renaissance, who used it in mathematics, art, architecture, etc. It is an irrational number of approximate value to 1.618, and is called with the Greek letter Phi.

On the other hand, the subjective opinion affirms that the beauty or the ugliness of the things is in the mind of each one and that it talks about the emotions before certain people or objects. According to this position, beauty is not an objective in which everyone agrees, but depends on each observer. It has extended from the modern day to the present, especially in the world of art, where it was stopped to understand how the reproduction of reality to become understood as an expression of subjectivity and the Freedom of the creator.
If we refer to women of the Middle Ages or a little later, it seems that the beauty canon was what we would now say to be fat. In some African tribes, stretching the neck or large rings in the ears and mouths, it also seems a sign of beauty quite different from our canons. This is a sample of subjectivism.

If we accept that there is a part of objective and universal beauty, when we speak of subjective beauty we may be referring to the appeal. The attractive adjective emphasizes the quality of someone or something that captivates our senses and causes our perception to be positive.

When we say something is beautiful we almost always refer to a physical attribute. While what is considered attractive can go further than the physical appearance can reach the abstract. Well, when a person is called attractive, it should not necessarily be because of their physical qualities, but because of their character, delicacy or good manners.

In conclusion, I believe that if there are some leeway proportions, one can think that there is a harmony of the forms that are pleasant to a large majority of people. But sometimes "beauty is in the eyes of those who look" and being attractive is more interesting than being beautiful.

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