1.Too Fast ~ Sonder

band, music, and r&b image

2.Butterfly Effect ~ Travis Scott

rapper, scott, and travis image

3.No One Knows ~Brent Faiyaz

aesthetic, art, and brent image

4.LOWRIDR ~ Duckwrth

5.Neither Do I ~ Stwo

6.C U Girl ~ Steve Lacy

steve lacy image

7.waves - Tame Impala Remix ~ Miguel, Tame Impala

miguel image

8.Netflix & Dusse ~ Smino

9.Wild Irish Roses ~ Smino

art, pink, and love image

# 10.Wait ~ M83

m83 and music image

11.Spice ( feat. Smino ) ~ Ravyn Lenae

ravyn lenae image

12.White Ferrari ~ Frank Ocean

13.Pink Matter ~ Frank Ocean

frank ocean image

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