Hi everybody, this is my first article and i want you to know why fall is my favorite season so I decide to share with you guys my favorite things that I usually do in fall.

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-READING: Honestly I love reading. But I think that fall creates a magical atmosphere.
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-LISTENING TO GOOD MUSIC: I love listening music, maybe with a cup of hot tea or chocolate, when outside it's raining.
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-THE COLORS OF NATURE: there are no words to describe how amazing are the colors of these season: red, orange, yellow and brown ... amazing!
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-COZY SWEATERS: One of my favorite things about Autumn is being comfy to wear cozy sweaters or cardigan. I also love leather jacket and coat.
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-TV SERIES:I'm literally obsessed with tv series, for example: 13 reasons why, Riverdale, American horror story, Supernatural and Shameless.

I hope you really enjoyed this article.
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