I love fashion. The designers, the pictures, the magazines, the shoes and bags, the dresses and the stories behind it all. So without further ado here is my TOP 3 favorite fashion documentaries. Maybe some of you fashion freaks will enjoy them, too.

1. Dior and I, 2014

Image by have fun in hell.
Dior et moi

It's year 2012 and Raf Simons is becoming the new artistic director of Dior. Dior and I reveals the creative process behind designer Raf Simons's debut haute couture collection. With the help of Dior-seamstresses, Raf makes his beautiful collection come to life in only eight weeks.

2. The September Issue, 2009

sky, vogue, and blue image
British Vogue, October 1945, James Holden

The September Issue follows the making of US Vogue's September Issue in 2007. Traditionally, September is the fashion world's January and the September Issue of Vogue defines everything what will happen in the coming year. This movies gives the viewer an insight to what working at Vogue is really like. It presents the two people who are behind it all: Anna Wintour (of course) but also Grace Codington, the magazine's brilliant former creative director.

3. Casablancas, 2016

90s, Naomi Campbell, and cindy crawford image
Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, 1990

Maybe a bit weird choice for a favorite fashion documentary considering that John Casablancas was only the founder of Elite Model Agency. He wasn't a model or a designer or a fashion journalist. BUT he was intrumental in creating the supermodel phenomenon. He discovered many of the iconic supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum, to name just a few. Casablancas created the modelling industry and the concept of supermodels to be the way we know it today. He made supermodels into celebrities.

This was my short list of fashion documentaries, hope you enjoy them!