In 6 days I will turn 20 years old and in these 20 years of life I can say that I learned too many things and that many things are not as I thought they would be. First of all, when I was in primary school, I thought that when I turned 20 I would become a fully mature adult with a career, a job and a car. I feel more like a kid know, I am still immature, I did not finish high school, I do not work and I am a housewife without children. And even though things did not go the way I dreamed all my life I would not change my life for anything in the world I married the love of my life his incredible, takes care of me and loves me and is super responsible. I have 2 beautiful, super smart kittens and I live in a small apartment in Mexico but thank God I have everything I could ask for. On the way I met many people that I thought they would be all their lives and they would know my children and I know theirs and it was not like that. But it is not a bad thing for every person I met, every broken heart, every tear, every laughter and moment EVERYTHING was preparing for what I am today a 100% happy person.