I know how it feels like to hate their own body, when I was young I had so much pressure from my family,school, media and so whatever when it comes to my body image.
Being called fat from the closest persons at a young age wasn’t easy for me at all, at the beginning I though they were advicing me but with the time I understood that the only person who should really advice me is my damn SELF.
Growing up I had the idea of losing weights , I wanted it so bad , I was thinking that way people would like me.
So one day, I made the decision to be grateful for what God gave me, a healthy body, what can I ask for more, shouldn’t I be just grateful for it?
and started finally to appreciate my body including my flaws because they were the things that made me who I’am and special, unique..
That way I was happy like never before, it’s very very important to love yourself, it helps you build your selfconfidence, encourage you to do better things, achieve your goals that you though you couldn’t never do.
Sadly these things, were never the subject discussed in school and families which is so irrating to me.
I didn’t find inspiration, role models to be inspired by, then I found it from Demi Lovato , she is warrior, Lea michele also ..
But the list were small, till now they are plus size models which is the trend nowadays, people do not understand what the message they are sending to young girls, loving your body being healthy instead of trying to be like everyone else.
such as : Iskra Lawrence , Ashley Graham ..
Young girls shouldn’t feel that way about their bodies, as long as we’re healthy and happy with it that’s all matters, why girls always wants to change their images just for the others, you should do this ONLY FOR YOU.
if it’s not for you, I don’t believe it’s a change at all.
why we keep so much important to this when in the reality your body belong only to you.?
Please be true to yourself, and be happy with all that you have.