Hello and welcome to my first article on my We Heart It account. My name is America, and yes like the country. I am writing these articles so I can share my feelings and opinions and spread joy and positivity.

I've always had a dream of starting my own blog or YouTube channel, but have always been afraid of rejection or not being heard. I've always been envious of those famous YouTubers like Liza Koshy, Logan Paul, Supper Women. Why you might ask? Because they are loved for who they are, while I must fake being someone I'm not to be loved.

I think we all fake being someone we're not whether it be on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter... we all at one time or another hide are true feelings or opinion to blend in with the crowd. But let me tell you something it's okay to have an opinion that is different, it's okay to stand out from the crowd, that's how those YouTubers are famous.

So go ahead. Speak your opinion, chase your dreams as long as you are being you and no one else. Thank you

~The country