Hello Dreamers! So every once in a while I redo my room. I don't go full out and paint it, I just move the furniture around. But if you do decide to go and redo the whole entire thing, then here are some tips to get you started!

1. Have white / light grey walls.
Having white walls not only make the room feel bigger, but you can go crazy with the duvets, pillows and beanbags you might add later on. If you had blue walls (for example), you kind of have to stick with colours that compliment blue, giving you less options.

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2. Have a desk.
Having a desk is really useful. You don't have to lean over your computer on your bed, which then will lead to neck and back pain. Instead, you could have a desk. Desks can also improve posture depending on how you sit. Desks come in all sorts of colours, from red to black. I personally would choose a grey desk. Make sure it's not too bulky either.

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3. Have a Daybed.
Daybeds are a type of bed with three sides of railing. This works really well if you have the longer side against a wall, as you can put pillows on your (day)bed, and it is technically a couch (sort of) and a bed in 1.

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4. Have some sort of hanging chair.
Not every parent will allow this, but having a swinging something in your room is awesome. A reason is because you can read in it, and two, because it's not on the ground, so it's not too bulky.

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5. Have up to 2 - 4 colours in your room.
Some people would say 2 - 4 is either way to much, or it is not enough. In our heads, most things look good, but reality likes to play it different. Try not to go for too neutral colours. Don't forget to add some life into your room. Try one of these colours - Cyan (Aqua), Mint, Yellow, Orange, Navy, or Medium Pink.

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6. Don't add more than 1 pattern.
People love patterned duvet covers. That is fine! But make sure you don't have more than 1 pattern. The reason being is if there are two different patterns throughout the room, they clash. If it is the same pattern, it's not that bad. But it's up to you.

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7. Bookshelves...
Bookshelves can be pretty bulky sometimes. The are a big piece of furniture, which can require a bit of space. Try having a thin + tall bookshelf, or shelves which do not have any side support (aka floating shelves).

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8. Make sure to add a few pictures.
Adding pictures here and there in your room looks cool. You can always change the picture to your preference, and you can take the picture frame off if you don't want it.

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That finishes my list off. If you want to check out some of my Architecture based collections, here they are.

Lucia xoxo