If you don't already have a cat, this would be a great little gift for Christmas. There are so many reasons why to adopt a cat and I'm gong to list a few today. These are lovely animals, and there's no reason why to not adopt one. Here we go!

1. They are loving.
These pets are extremely loving and sweet. They'll usually sleep with you because they love you so much. If you show just the tiniest bit of affection to your cat, they'll most definitely return the love back.
https://78.media.tumblr.com/dac36e229eb82bb67d4df709f87cffee/tumblr_oqe5k399Lv1r2fvxjo1_500.jpg Look how sweet this cat is!!!!!!!

2. They do not require much care.
Cats really don't require much care. All you must do is feed it and occasionally brush them and trim their claws. It's so easy to scoop the litter too. All you must do is literally scoop the poop into the toilet and flush. You don't have to change the litter very often either!

3. Cats aren't very expensive to take care of.
Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars every year on food? Cats are smaller than most dogs and therefore eat less. Since they eat less, you won't have to buy as much food as you would for a dog. Extra cash not spent can be spent on you, a friend, a family member, or even the pet.
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/57/7b/82/577b82feb87a0c8af7485ae64e7e4f73.jpg Money can be spent in so many ways.

4. Cats can entertain themselves.
Yup. Cats can entertain themselves. Maybe buy one or two toys, or even just give them a string. They'll keep themselves occupied. Ever busy with homework or chores but your pet wants to play? Worry no more. Cats play just fine by themselves and have a lot of fun with even a string.
https://www.iizcat.com/uploads/2016/09/auzce-fc8.jpg This cat is inside a pile of leaves simply having fun.

5. You can leave them alone for longer periods of time.
During the summer, everyone wants to go on vacation. If they have a dog, they usually have to put them in a kennel or take the pet with them. With cats, just leave out some food and water, and you can leave your cat alone, even up to 10 days at least! And they'll poop in their litterbox, so you don't have to worry about constant bathroom breaks.

6. You don't have to worry about bathing them.
Dogs need to have frequent baths. Cats don't. I have a 8 year old cat whom has never been bathed, yet doesn't stink and rolls around in everything! Just brushing the cat once every one or two months is good enough. Cats don't really like baths either, so save some water and your precious time hehe.
http://38.media.tumblr.com/53d0d148a17b103b937b254ed9dbd7d3/tumblr_n8mk4f8v4E1rq4uvro1_500.jpg This cat may look like they enjoy baths, but most cats don't.

7. You don't have to walk cats.
Cats don't need to be walked. As the freezing temperatures are occurring and school starting early, it's hard to walk dogs, especially in the morning. When you grow old and are in a wheelchair, how are you gonna walk a dog? It won't be easy, I'll tell you that, but with cats, NO walks are required.
https://daily.jstor.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/feralcat.jpg Here is a cat just laying in grass. You don't even have to let them outside for them so get exercise.

8. Cats are quiet.
Dogs and birds and even rodents can be extremely loud during the night. Cats aren't and usually are sleeping with you. You don't have to be bothered in the night with barking or chirping or squeaking at 3am. Sleeping peacefully with cats is so nice and easy...
http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/f165c86c-628a-49ca-a6b8-59eae8f037f2/4633afbf-e8bb-49f0-aa65-e23cf4e79713.jpg Look how cute and cuddly!

9. Cats are soft.
Cats are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. I have bad anxiety, and when you pet a cat, it'll relieve your anxiety, trust me. And if you have high blood pressure and need to lower it, get a cat! All you gotta do is pet it for a few minutes and it will be lowered a bit. (google it if you don't believe me)
https://78.media.tumblr.com/42c2a9b7979d2682e269d7f8fe04be51/tumblr_ogqumu1M9J1uuydbuo1_500.jpg This kitty is snuggling and its soft fur helps some people with physical and mental problems.

10. They're just SO cute!
Just take a minute and look how cute these animals are! These animals are so special. I can't turn away from all the cuteness.
https://78.media.tumblr.com/1365564b267e65d18087c2f6afdba1c8/tumblr_oc9kl1weS41rouu9to1_500.jpg I can't look away from these little faces.

https://s8.favim.com/610/150519/aesthetic-alternative-animals-cat-Favim.com-2744759.jpg Honestly, these precious creatures are SOOOOO cute!

That's it for my third article. Please leave a like. Also, as the cold weather is coming in, please adopt a cat or even a dog if you like. Save an animal this year and don't let them freeze or starve to death. Please. If you don't have a cat or at least a pet, you're missing out! I hope this article persuaded you to adopt a cat. DM me if you ever need to btw; I'm always here for you.
Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you ALL SOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!1