Hi everyone!
It's almost winter, my favorite time of the year. So here are some things I love about it. :)

beautiful, birthday, and boy image happy, pink, and balloons image
My birthday
christmas, winter, and tree image christmas image
light, christmas, and winter image cozy, garden, and light image
bedroom, room, and home image home, christmas, and winter image
winter, snow, and christmas image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
chocolate, drink, and food image winter, snow, and coffee image
Hot chocolate
christmas, movies, and winter image christmas, light, and winter image
Watching movies
friends, winter, and blonde image christmas, winter, and light image
winter, christmas, and cozy image autumn, fall, and sweater image fashion, winter, and autumn image winter, christmas, and sweater image
Cozy outfits, oversized sweaters, scarfs, hats, everythiiiing
christmas, winter, and candle image autumn, book, and candle image
book, coffee, and autumn image light, winter, and christmas image
Reading books
christmas, cupcakes, and food image christmas and Cookies image
christmas, light, and friends image christmas, winter, and friends image
Spending time with friends

That's all for now :) You can tell me what do you like about winter by sending me postcard :)

Fireproof Soul. xx