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This past year bullet journals became a huge internet hype, everywhere on social media pictures and tips were uploaded on how to make one. Honestly, at the start I wasn’t really into it, but when my sister began making one, I bought one myself too.

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The whole concept quickly intrigued me, only the amount of information bothered me a bit. I searched on every social media app I had and stocked my image saver with hundreds of ideas and tips. I spent hours figuring out how I was supposed to start and not “fuck up”, that’s why I decided to make an article around the subject.

It’s basically an overview of what’s important if you want to start your own journal. Good luck!

1. Equipment

Obviously a bullet journal itself is pretty handy. You can easily find one on the internet, and sometimes in a bookstore nearby. Secondly, you need a good drawing pencil, a black liner pen, brush pens and highlighters. Other things you can use are washi tape and stickers.

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If you use more colors, your bullet journal will look much cooler.

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2. Make a key and index

A key is how you’re going to structure the different subjects of your life, such as tasks, completed tasks, canceled tasks, events, notes, deadlines and so on. What symbols or colors are you going to use? Make a table (1 page) and add your symbols in it. Examples are squares, circles and so on.

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An index is how you’re going to structure your own bullet journal. The best way to make one is to just write “the title” of what’s on a page, and add the number of the page next to it. Leave at least 2 pages blank for your future index.

3. Make a future log

Start with a year planner (2 pages), which is just some sort of overview of every month. You can, if you want of course, highlight certain dates to indicate it’s a holiday, birthday or other important day.

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Next, you can make a month planner (2 pages for each month). Some do this, some don’t. It’s really up to you. On the left page you can show off your drawing skills, write a quote or add a photo. On the right page you make a table with little compartments for every day of the month.

4. Make pages that are handy for you

Lists, overviews, schedules, tables and so on. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you.

- Birthdays
- Needs and wants
- Books to read
- Movies to watch
- Series tracker
- Blog planner
- Social media
- Travel ideas
- Saving log
- Spending log
- Concerts
- Classes on school

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5. Make week planners

The easiest way is to use 2 pages for one week planner. On the left page you can write which week it is, and then for example Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On the right page you can write Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a TO DO list for the entire week. On blank spaces you know you’re not going to use, you can draw doodles or write a quote.

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6. Don’t be afraid to leave pages blank

It can be really handy for the future. You never know you want to add a picture or make some sort of “title” page. For example a 2018 page before you start making all of your week planners for January.

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7. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

It is important to use good pens and highlighters, but don’t worry about making certain mistakes (grammar or your pen that’s leaving marks). There’s this thing called a wite-out, use it. If you want to avoid making those mistakes, then follow my lead and first use a pencil. It’s more work, but if you’re a perfectionist it might just be the solution.

8. Use your creativity, imagination, fantasy, thoughts and ideas

It’s your bullet journal, so make it your own!

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Love, Paulien.