You were the first child, and that’s something I could never change. You rode a bike first, got your driver’s license first, kissed a boy first. I could go on forever.

I want to apologize for the times I called you names other than the word Sister. To often I felt that we had to be in constant competition with each other, because I wanted to stand out, and felt overshawdowed by your presence. But that never stopped me from looking up to you, and realizing I just wanted to be like you.

I want you to know over the years I've been watching you, and learning from you. There were days where my eyes would watch how you handled the world, and I wondered for myself if I would be able to do it just the same. When it became "my turn" to follow in your foot steps I was never sure I would be able to amount to your greatness. I was scared but you started from when we were young holding my hand, and guiding me to safety. Because you knew I needed you.

I'm sorry if I never did thank you. I'm sorry if I got to busy with my life that I never mentioned how grateful I am to you, for all that you did and continue to do for me.

I'm sorry I never told you just how grateful, and thankful I am for you as my sister.

Love, your forever little sister.