I came across this 2017 contemplation challenge by @FireBomb93. It was good to recall all the memories. I think everyone should try it before the year ends.

❥ Where were you on 31.12.2016? Do you remember the feelings and thoughts you had back then?

31.12.2016 I was at home. The year has gone so smooth that it doesn't matter what month it was. Because like so many things happened that I can say 2016 was very happening. I am sure they won't change my opinion.

❥ What has changed in your life since the last day of 2016? How are you different today?

I welcomed 2017 with open arms because I was ready to accept all the changes and looking for great experiences. 2016 has enlightened me a lot and had tough me some great lessons of life. The year taught me the real meaning of begging for something you want from God. It teaches me how to hold your emotion or tear behind and come out in public, pretending as if nothing has ever happened. The year taught me, you couldn’t trust anyone. It made me stronger. No one is beside you except God. If you want something to ask him and no one else.

Today I am more mature and responsible. Now I always look for happiness in little things. That’s what life is. If you don’t have a struggle in life than you have no life because struggles make you keep moving and teach you important of living.

❥ What were your plans for 2017? Have you finished your goals and plans for 2017?

2017 Checklist, in which I have achieved some goals and other are still in progress.

  • Smile more.
  • Wake up early.
  • Create beautiful memories.
  • Unfollow negative people.
  • Have tone body.
  • Spend 2017 Ramadan to the fullest.
  • Start up my own business.
  • Write a beautiful story.
  • Win Wattys2017.
  • Write more poems.
  • Get my poetry book publish.
  • Stop getting frustrated with small things.
  • Write a diary entry after every end of the month.

❥ Pick the best month of 2017 and share with us. Why was that month special for you?

May, would be my special month of the year for me because this month we had Ramadan. The month which begins blessing and peacefulness.

❥ Choose the day of this year that you will never forget and tell us why.

12 May 2017. My grandma died.

❥ What was the most difficult period of 2017 for you? Why?

Whole Year I believe is difficult because so many things happened all together. It’s taking me lots of time to move on in life.

❥ Pick three persons who have changed you in 2017 and describe the impact they had on you.

I have the real faces of my cousins, so it’s hard to take names. It tough me never expect anything from anyone except your god because no one is yours except him.

❥ Have you lost anyone in 2017? How are you feeling today?

My grandma. I feel emptiness.

❥ Describe the best trip you had this year. Where were you, what made that trip special?

I had gone for Umarha. The place to find peace if you’re looking for. Where you get important to your lord.

❥ Did you do or experience something for the first time in 2017? What was it?

The person I always wanted to get married. My first love was in a relationship with someone else when I was praying for him to be mine.

❥ What's the best thing that you did in this year?

I had decided to move from my first love even though it's quite hard because I just can't stop thinking about him.

❥ Choose one quote and one song that best describe your 2017.

“It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.” From a tale of two cities by Charles Dickens.
“Just like you” by Louis Tomlinson.

❥ What do you want to achieve/feel/experience before 2018 comes?

I want to get a proposal for marriage.

❥ How will you make those 55 days the best that you can? Make a short plan.

Be happy. Smile little more and Stop getting depressed about small things.


Feel free to heart, follow and/or send me a message if you want to ask or say something. That’s all for today, have a good day/night!