so first of all I have to tell you that my birthday is on december 14th so I am able to have more wishes than the others whose birthdays are in summer or something

all of these wishes are my wishes so if you don`t have any wishes for christmas but your parents ask you what you want for christmas maybe my list inspires you somehow

one wish that I have since three years is a helix piercing
I think they`re really beautiful but not a big piercing
my parents won`t allow me to have one but maybe this year it`s different, who knows?

piercing, earrings, and hair image

a laptop would be something I really need for school but also for watching netflix and doing some other stuff
this is a thing I really need and not only want to own

harry potter, book, and coffee image

a thing I do not need but want is a daniel wellington watch
they´re so beautiful but I don´t need one because I already have a casio which is also kinda beautiful

watch, accessories, and style image

something that´s also on my list but what´s kinda basic is a world map where you can scratch off the places you´ve been

discover, world, and worldmap image

and of course as a make up lover I want some new stuff
the biggest make up wish is the urban decay naked heat palette
the colors are really beautiful and the quality is also very good

beautiful, heat, and urban decay image

those are just a few things I want for christmas (and my birthday) and I don´t expect my parents to buy me all this
I hope I could inspire or help you a bit

lots of love xx