It's very important to stay motivated and keep your values in mind. It really helps whenever you're going through a bad period of your life or if something goes wrong, and also when things are going great and you remind yourself to keep doing good!

So here are some of the phrases / quotes I live by that keep me going.


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This is my favorite one. You've got to know you deserve good things in life, you have to believe you can have it and basically raise your standards because life will give you what you ask for, as long as you believe and work for it.
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This one is so important! When you start your day with positive thoughts it really changes the way you deal with a new day and everything just goes way better than if you start with negativity.
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This one means so much. You've got to trust yourself and know that you can go through whatever life puts you through, you've already survived a lot, you can survive much more.

I hope these quotes motivate you and that you liked this article!

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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