Remember on Grey's Anatomy how Christina was Meredith's person? That sort of stuck with me over the years as a float about my life. In different social situations I often pair people up, or try and decide who their person would be. Who do they look at first when they are taken over by laughter? Who do they have conversations with through their eyes from across the room? It has become somewhat of a hobby, to notice the small moments between people.
I, however do not currently have a person. I am yet to find my Christina, and will wait patiently until they come along. I think you know within the first ten minutes of meeting someone whether or not they have the qualities to become your person. They will slow your heart, and their words will feel like ribbons. Everything about them will be soft and easy. They will be fresh air.
Or they will be something entirely different. They will be a boulder rolling towards your life taking down anything in their path. They will demand your thoughts in lengthy conversations about the world, and they will challenge you constantly.
Either way, they will fit into all of your crevices perfectly and compliment your every quality.
Until my person comes along, I'll be my own.