Over the years, I've used WHI as my safe haven, a place to visually collect my thoughts. But what about turning my thoughts into actions? Eventually, I managed to understand how I can get from where I am to where I want to be with some help from WHI. Recently I've noticed lots of articles about success & motivation so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks about using WHI to successfully achieve your goals.

TIP 1. Write down your goals

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Before I give you tips on how to achieve your goals....you gotta have some goals lol. Come up with some goals (short or long term) and then write them down. Be specific & give your goals a time limit. But don't just think of them, actually write them down on piece of paper, or even type them out somewhere you can keep them like Google Docs. Writing down your goals makes them more real.

TIP 2. Read lots of articles!

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We all know WHI is a great place for visual inspo but now with articles its even easier to get inspired. For example, if your goals have to do with getting good grades or being more fashionable then be on the hunt for articles pertaining to school or fashion. If you're stuck or don't feel like you're making progress towards your goal, other people's advice or stories can inspire you to try new methods that can get you closer to your goal.

TIP 3. Organize with collections

Having all your inspo organized is super helpful because it's easy to find. I like to keep a collection, like the one above, that I can just open on a day that I'm feeling particularly down to remind me to keep going. Create a collection with quotes that inspire you & remind you of your goals and then take a look at that collection everyday.

TIP 4. Use inspiring WHI pics for your backgrounds

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This might seem silly but putting inspiring pictures on devices you frequently use (like your phone or laptop) can help you stay positive about your goals. I mean seriously, if you see a picture with a quote like "don't give up" on your phone or laptop EVERY time you use them then eventually it's gonna stick. I like to switch up my backgrounds every week because my brain tends to pay less attention to things once they get boring. This way, since I'll have a new background every week, I'll notice it more because it's new.

TIP 5. Print out your WHI inspo to make a vision board

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This is a BIG one. Best for last. Visualizing is the most powerful thing you can do to achieve your goals faster. Even if you look at your WHI inspo everyday on a desktop or phone, it's WAY more helpful to print that inspo out and have it physically around you. Print out your fav WHI content that pertains to your goal and place it somewhere in your room where you can always see it. Trust me, this works wonders.

I hope my tips can help you guys use WHI more efficiently! I received a couple messages from you guys on my last post and I was so happy to hear from everyone. As a new writer I feel very welcomed <3. Feel free to message me about anything or leave a suggestion on what you want me to write about next!


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