"Hoe." Alexis said under her breath, I could tell she meant it. She said that because I didn't give her the time of day. I laughed because I''m known to take criticism well. That's a lie. I haven't even dated anyone, yet, I am labeled as a 'hoe' by my closest friend. But it doesn't matter because I apparently take criticism well and it won't hurt me. Another lie.


"June Powell." I jumped in my seat and cocked my head upwards. Ms. Lanky was shadowing over me for I-don't-know how long.
She slapped a paper against my desk, next to the pile of papers that were most likely discussed about. "You certainly won't be day dreaming ISS tomorrow, Ms. Powell. Get this work done by the end of the period." She said bluntly.
I rushed my hands into my bag to find a pencil. Only to find it lodged into the fatty part of my hand. I yelped, which caught the teachers attention. I removed the pencil only to reveal a hideous gash. The teacher gaped at my wound for a moment then scrambled for a nurse pass.

An hour later I was sent home, and got an excused late assignment for my work.


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