Christmas- easily my favorite holiday. Everyone knows me as the person who plays Christmas music year round and starts celebrating Christmas in November. However, I've never really thought about why I love it so much until one day a guy in my class asked me the question "What is your favorite part of Christmas?" I just laughed and told him everything, but he just said "No, really. What makes Christmas, Christmas to you?"
Since then I have been thinking about that question. And here is what I've decided makes Christmas my favorite holiday.

Christmas Lights

christmas, winter, and snow image Image by allie Morrison christmas, light, and winter image christmas, light, and winter image
I love the soft glow that fairy lights give off.

I'm the type of person that prefers natural light or softer light over regular indoor bulbs almost all of the time. I don't like harsh lighting, and the Christmas season brings an abundance of Christmas lights that softly light up the world.

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Hot Drinks

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My favorite winter drink is raspberry hot cocoa

What is better on a cold winter day than snuggling up with a hot drink in your hand while you watch the snow fall? When you're feeling cold, a hot drink will warm you right up. I'm always drinking tea, but during the Christmas season I have certain teas that I usually drink, and that is also when I break out the different flavors of hot chocolate.

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Cozy Vibes

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The cold weather, abundance of warm and soft things, and the feeling of happiness in the air just makes everything so much cozier. I'm the type of person who loves everything cozy. If I had to describe the feeling in a word, it would be hyyge (look it up if you aren't familiar with the word). Just the general vibe and atmosphere of the Christmas season is what makes me love it so much. Why do you love Christmas?

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