Hi everyone!

This time I came up with day 2, I almost forgot to do it, but here I am. There are a lot of things we all should be grateful about, but let me just tell you mines. Even though I just have 20 years, my life had totally got a 180° turn on the past few years...

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Let's just start by saying I'm always trying to be positive everytime I can, but some days it just results so difficult to do it... besides that, I try to always find the other side

  • To be able to woke up every, as commun as it may sound, we should be always be grateful for that.
  • Be surrounded of great, pure humble and honest people, neighbors till people I study with. I had the bad luck of losing my mother on christmas eve back in 2015, but the positive side I found, is that she left us with this great people that keep supporting, me and my sister, every single day.
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  • Even though I lost my mom, I am grateful that everything she taught me is still on my mind and present on every thought.
  • That I have the opportunity of have an education and still be able to keep learning.
  • For being curious. Lucky for me I'm very curious and always feel motivated to learn something new every day. There is not such great feeling of know every day a little more.
  • To have great friends.
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Hope you enjoyed! See ya next time and hope you try this challenge too!