If life has thrown all it's lemons at you and you're not in the mood to make any lemonade but cry instead, this one's for you.

1. Me Before You
Tragic love story of a handicapped man who sees no reason to live, until this one pretty, clumsy lady enters his life, on a mission to give him the reasons he need. But will she succeed and will love safe all once again?

2. The Best of Me
When a very loved man dies, he leaves his property to two high school sweet hearts who haven't spoken in over 21 years. But has anything changed after all this time? And will his blood thirst family get in their way? This movie is ultimate romantic sob movie you need.

3. My sister's keeper
This list would not have been complete without this movie.

4. Charlie St. Cloud
An older brother loses his younger one, or so he thought. His baby brother's ghost still lingers around the hometown he was hoping to leave one day. Amazing and beautiful story. Plus, Zac Efron's in it.