I don't really like winter and I think a lot of people prefer summer, But you can't escape it so why not make the most of it? <3
  • Go Skiing / Snowboarding
girl, winter, and snow image life, Skiing, and snow image
I love Skiing, it really is a perfect winter activity.
  • A Snowball Fight
love, couple, and snow image winter image
Have snowball fight with your significant other, or with some good friends. It's s lot of fun.
  • Read Books
book, girl, and library image book, music, and aesthetic image
I really love reading but i almost never do because I'm always busy, but in winter I can't go out, so I'm going to read A lot of Books.
  • Ice Skating
christmas, winter, and light image winter, ice skating, and snow image
Ice Skating is a must. With friends or a loved one. <3
  • Epic New Year's Eve
fireworks, light, and new year image fashion, dress, and luxury image
kiss Somebody at midnight, or watch epic fireworks, be with your loved ones.
  • Put up a Christmas Tree
christmas, love, and couple image christmas, light, and tree image
This is a very special moment, and at the end you can take plenty of cute pics with your tree.
  • A Movie Marathon
autumn, fall, and movie image netflix, article, and series image
Invite some friends over and have a movie marathon or just stay in bed alone and watch TV shows.
  • Go Driving in the snow
snow, car, and winter image winter, snow, and car image
Put on some music and drive around to see the beauty of winter.
  • Decorate Your Room
bedroom, room, and home image christmas, light, and winter image
Put up some christmas lights. Put cozy blankets and throw pillows all over.
  • Coffee shop / Restaurant
coffee, autumn, and chocolate image coffee, shop, and coffee shop image
Drink some hot drinks. Go to a restaurant in the evening to enjoy some pizza or whatever you want.
  • Spa night
blue, bath, and water image best friends, funny, and girls image
Relaxation is great in winter. And your skin needs care so make yourself a spa day/night.
  • A Cabin Getaway
winter, snow, and home image christmas, winter, and light image
A few days in a cabin, in the mountains is the best thing ever and with a little fireplace for the evenings.

Hope You enjoyed.