It's time for me to announce the winners of my competition. I honestly thought nobody would take part in it, but I had 8 lovely submissions from 7 amazing people. This is only the beginning, my account is still pretty new so I don't mind at all. I'm still trying to build a great relationship with you all and in time I sure it'll happen. Anyways, as I looked through each of the submissions as the week went by I first thought I would choose my 5 of my favourites, but then last night I decided to just give everyone a shoutout instead.

Why? Because it's not easy putting yourself out there and I want them to know I appreciate of all their submissions. So here are the winners, please give each and everyone of them a follow - they deserve it.


@vluja wrote a really great article and it was my favourite to read. Give her a follow and check out her collection and article which are linked below.

@vainillarose wrote an amazing article as well that even got feature by @whi_editor. A big congratulations to her.

@drvkmn made a very aesthetically pleasing collection and I'm sure once you look at it you'll feel instant inspiration.

@queens_majesty46 made an article that features a lot of great articles that are wort a read as well as hearts we can all love.

@makina_girl wrote a great article you all need to read and also made a very inpsiring collection. Go check out both of them.

@ddianass made a collection that you find a lot of nice images and a few articles to heart.

@HannaB001 made this lovely collection


Thanks for reading.