I have a huge list of places I want to go to and things I want to do. From skydiving and swimming with sharks to learning new languages and adopting pets. This list will kind of go in order of most to least.


santorini image spain and alicante image architecture, Athens, and awesome image adventure, europe, and places image


beautiful, colosseum, and rome image florence image place image fun image


africa image amazing, falls, and travel image tanzania image africa, inspiration, and park image


scotland image scotland image flowers, nature, and scotland image scotland, edinburgh, and nature image


aurora borealis, snow, and mountains image travel, nature, and sea image city, light, and night image norway, breathtaking, and nature image

The Netherlands

amsterdam, city, and netherlands image the netherlands and amsterdam image amsterdam, beauty, and boys image blue sky, city, and the netherlands image


castle image cliffs of moher, europe, and holiday image clouds, nature, and water image autumn, beautiful, and church image


architecture, brasov, and city image adventure, autumn, and escape image adventure, autumn, and bran castle image europe, travel, and romania image


kiev, природа, and ukraine image summer, sun, and opera image aesthetic, city, and lviv image beautiful, bridge, and travel image


egypt and pyramid image alex, egypt, and alexandria image camel, desert, and holiday image egypt, pyramid, and sunset image

South Africa

Afrika, blue, and Dream image tablemountain and capetown image sky, city, and pink image human, shark, and south africa image


austria, village, and travel image austria and vienna image austria, vienna, and city image austria, home, and salzburg image


iceland and northernlights image autumn, fall, and iceland image mountains, nature, and wood image nature, adventure, and landscape image


blue, lake, and church image bettle, culture, and europe image green, house, and vintage image macedonia, skopje, and love image

I was writing the reasons I wanted to go to each country but I realized there was too much repetition. I've always wanted to go to Greece because I love Greek food and i love the history of Athens and Greek mythology. Besides the food, I want to go to Italy for the architecture, history, and art Rome/Vatican City. I want to go to Scotland to go to bunch of haunted castles. I have heritage in The Netherlands and Ukraine. I want to go to the rest just because I do. No particular reason, I just think they're cool. Europe's pretty cool. I want to go to South africa for the sharks and Tanzania for the lions. Again, no particluar reason for Egypt. It's just cool.

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