Trick Or Treat, Freak! it opens up with what happened last season, when El said "Goodbye Mike." then it shows more on what happened. I've watched all the episodes so i know what happens but this is what happened in Season 2. so it starts of with El walking through the upside down and looking around. In this scene she doesn't have the 60's style hair-do so we know this was a flashback. She runs through it yelling "Mike." She found a portal that leads her out of The Upside Down. She walks through a field type thingy and goes to the Wheeler's house. Now skip ahead a minute or so, Hopper is cooking what it looks like yellow toast, i didn't get a good look so possibly an Eggo. Eleven wants to go outside so she dresses up as a ghost so no one will "see her." Hopper says "We don't take risks." So she takes off her "Costume" and eats breakfast, again, IDK what they are eating. Joyce starts freaking out cause Will wasn't in his room so she rushes to the bathroom to find Will. Then there is a jump cut. It shows Joyce helping Will get on his ghost busters costume for school. Lets skip ahead to school, Mike and Lucas are fighting over the fact that both of them want to be the same character, Will said "Why Can't There Be Two." My question is, if they planned it months ago then why not let it slide, i would have let it slide instead of getting into an argument. They find out no one was wearing costumes. Now that was it i know there is more to the episode but you can go watch it now on netflix.