Hey guys! This is my first article, so bare with me if its not good or up to some people's standards.

So, it took me a while to decide on what I should write about, and then one of my friends disrupted my train of thoughts to show me a girl's really nice, aesthetically pleasing instagram feed. That got me thinking about how to get a good feed. So, here it is!

1. Choose your theme.
Instagram is supposed to be a guide of your life and what you do for other people, so you firstly need to choose a theme. This means picking a filter for your photos, and sticking to it. Remember, you need to show your personality through your pictures, so you can always mix it up as you wish.

2.Choose your colours.
To make different pictures match, you should have similar colours in each photo. So, pinpoint 2/3 colours that usually surround you or that you wear,and make sure they're included in each picture.

3.Crop and edit pictures in the same way.
This is pretty self explanatory. Make sure your pictures are cropped and edited similarly so none look unpleasing or stand out (in a bad way). My personal fav app for editing pictures is VSCO, its available for both ios and android (you only have to pay for some filters, but the basic ones are free).

4.HD is your friend.
HD pictures are more pleasing to the eye, as a sharpened picture looks more realistic. Try to use a phone with good camera analysis or (if you can afford it) a professional DSLR camera.

5.Be unpredicatable!
Try to not post pictures with the same expression or position too many times in a row. For example, 3 mirror selfies posted in a row are just too many. Try to "get out there" and pose in different settings from different angles.

PS! If you're looking for tumblr inspired filters, just google "vsco tumblr filters" and press images. A lot of filters come up with step by step instructions on how to make them (using vsco)

That's it! Thank you so much for reading, and please send me feedback so I know how to improve these. Make sure to leave a heart (and follow me for more) if this helped you in any way.

@colesburger x