Hey there I'm publishing my own webtoon on LINE WEBTOON!
If you want to check it here's the link http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-harmony-of-the-darkness/list?title_no=80594

I just started a drawing school but so far I've been a self-taught artist. I'm not very good yet but I want to tell stories and I hope you like it. I just started publishing the second season and I'm also working on the third.
This is the plot. If you want, give a look at my webtoon.

(S.01) When his best friend, Sharon "Ronny" Tyler, suddenly disappears, Liam will desperately try to save her and defeat the evil that surrounds his small town, the mysterious Faithbridge.

(S.02) The evil, they believed defeated, is now reborn in the old Faithbrige. Euphemia and Liam, with Alexander's help, will have to defeat it once again.