If you want to spend your money on some high-end luxury products, here are some inspirations! These are not products that I actually have (I don't have that much money) but if I were to buy some luxurious items, these would probably be on the list. Enjoy!

1. Louis Vuitton

Image by hchang704 Image by hchang704

This is a new item from this season and it is the Louis Vuitton Lockme II BB. This is a mini bag in the Marine Rouge color and it is absolutely gorgeous! The eye-catching points on this bag are the burgundy outline around the bag and the silver hardware. You can style this with a casual outfit as well as a formal/semi-formal look as well. This is the perfect size to fit all your essentials!

2. Gucci

Image by hchang704

This is also a new item that came out this season and it is the 17FW Gucci Dionysus Black Mini Shoulder Bag. It is so pretty! You can wear this in many different ways and it is perfect to style in the fall and winter times. The killing-point for this bag is the vintage-looking interior that contrasts with the chic bag. The interior is a creme colored fabric that has floral prints inside (not pictured).

3. Saint Laurent

bag, YSL, and luxury image

This beige bag (Saint Laurent Wallet Clutch) is so versatile and can be worn with all kinds of outfits. This would be amazing if worn with a beige coat as well! 😍
This bag will fit all your necessities because of the wallet-like interior with the card slots and dividers.


Image by hchang704 Image by hchang704

For this particular bag (MIU MIU Cristal Shoulder Bag), the outer look of the bag is personally not very appealing to me, but what really caught my eyes was the strap! The strap is just gorgeous and when worn on the shoulder, the bag looks amazing. Even if worn with a causal outfit, this bag can really spice it up and make your outfit look put-together.


5. Dolce & Gabbana

Image by hchang704

This is an iPhone case (Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 7 Cover with Printed Dauphine Leather Detail) with a gold/beige hardware logo with a beautiful floral print. From what I've hear, this case is very sturdy and will actually protect your phone. Also, another interesting point is that not all of the case prints are the same. They take a big leather sheet and stamp the specific theme onto the leather, but they each stamp a little different print. So even if the overall theme of the print is similar, they will each differ from the next one.

That's it for today! i hope you enjoyed this imaginary luxurious haul and have a wonderful morning, day, or evening!