These are my 18 goals for 2018. In January I will be 15 so they are my goals being 15 too.

1. Be a loyal AF person

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I think that is so important to make your friends know that they can trust you

2. Be a good christian

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Pray 3 times a day, read the bible daily and go to church on Sundays

3. Study hard for A+

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Take high school serious and build a study method for doing great in the future

4. Be healthy af

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You know: workout, drink lots of wáter, eat healthier and sleep

5. Self care

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Care my body, teeth and face, do my own hairstyles and get my nails done

6. Feel good

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Have room goals, feel proud and confident, help in my house as much as I can and procrastinate sometime with my pone

7. Learn languages

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I already know English, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch. I`m learning Deutsch in school but I want to focus on Deutsch and French

8. Read

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I looovee readingg. At least I have to read 30 books for this year

9. Learn how to write in a computer

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I want to write in a computer without looking at the board ASAP

10. Be organized

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Actually, I have an obssesion with keeping everything organized: my notes, my agenda.. And I want to keep the obssesion

11. Learn how to cook

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I want to learn to cook everything, seriously. At the end of the year I will be like my grandma

12. Make and save money

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I need money and as a teen, my options are babysitting or teaching kids. So definetly keep doing this

13. Adventures

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Just make memories . Really good memories.

14. Keep doing what I love

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For example swimming, singing and scouting

15. Travel

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I really want to travel to Ámsterdam with my best friend and to Ibiza (obv with no parents)

16. Improve my style/outfits

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I love fashion and wear matching outfits with my bestie

17. Improve

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I know that I have to improve everything and always but I really want to focus this on the way I do my make-up and my socials (like take more quality pics)

18. Discover places to eat

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I know that this goal might be the stupidest goal ever but I want to grab a drink in a really aestethic pleasing place

Wish me luck. I hope that at the end of the year I will have achieved these goals.