❤ 10 Makeup/Beauty Struggles girls can relate to

  • 1)The struggle of fake lashes falling off...
  • 2)When your nail polish smudges
-Happens to me every time
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  • 3)When you miss your primer
-Noooo...should I start over?
  • 4)Making your brows
-Brows are sisters not twins
  • 5)Avoid makeup stains
-Challenge accepted
  • 6)Wearing no makeup
-People judge you for wearing no makeup.That's my face!!!
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  • 7)Bitting off nail polish
-Instant regrets
  • 8)Taking off makeup
-Going to bed and remembering you didn't take off your makeup
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  • 9)Having fake nails
-When your fake nails get stuck in random places
  • 10)Putting mascara/eyeliner
-It can get messy
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Can you guys relate to these struggles?I will make a series named "Girl Struggles", follow me if you are interested in more articles like this.

-Dimitra ♡