Hello! Today I am writing another travelling article, listing one country I will visit one day for each continent.

I hope you find some travelling inspiration!


North America - Canada

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The first picture made me fall in love with Canada! It's the Emerald Lake. And there are plenty of other things to see there too!

South America - Peru

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Machu Picchu is definitely on the top of my travelling bucket list. Its beauty and history is just mesmerizing.

Europe - Czech Republic

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It's so hard to choose just one country of Europe! There are so many I want to visit, so for this list I chose the one I'm visiting next.

Africa - Morocco

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Morocco is such an unique country I've always wanted to visit. Can't wait for the day I see all the beauty in this country through my own eyes.

Asia - China

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I've always been fascinated by chinese history, traditions and nature. China is so rich in history and culture.

Oceania - New Zealand

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Pure beauty. All these pictures look like such a nice place to be in and just relax and be happy.

I hope you enjoyed this little travelling list and maybe found some countries to add to your travel bucket list!

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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