So, this is my first article and I am really excited! I am gonna tell you about my dreams and future goals and I really hope you like it! !!! before I start I just wanna let you know that my english isn't really good 'cause I live in Finland so... !!!

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1.HOME: Now you know that I live in Finland and I really don't like to live here, even tho Finland is free country and we have free education and everything but sometimes it's really cold in here. And winters are usually really rainy and I DON'T LIKE IT, so I've always wanted to live in LA or NYC in a really nice house.
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2.TRAVELING: I LOVE traveling and I love airports, new places and all of that so I really wanna travel a lot in future with my friends and family. I've been in Thailand already 12 times, I've also been in Bulgaria, Spain, turkey and some of the european countries.
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3. A CAR: You have no idea how much I love fancy cars and I can't wait to have one! I would like to have porche, range rover, BMW.
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4. FAMILY: The most important! I've always wanted two kids and lovely husband. I would cook for my kids when they go to school and have those lovely lazy mornings with my husband.
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5. HEALTHY LIFE: I wanna live a healthy life style, no drinking or smoking. I will do workout and eat healthy and also I would love to be vegan I'm already a vegetarian and I love it!!

So this is it! I hope you liked it and I know all of this sounds a little unrealistic but these are my dreams and I am and I will work for them! I also have a lot of savings so I really can't wait!

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