This is my sec article. I got really excited since me first one went into a channel and dont actually know how this happened cuz that's not what i wrote it for. I just want to share my thoughts with yall, and hopefully you can understand me.
This one is like a poem, I am not as good at poems but that's how it came out.
I hope it will make you reflect a little.

I hope you never make it, thinking you're not enough
I hope you starve, waiting for someone to feed you
I hope you get depressed, expecting too much of a kindness
I hope you die, fearing death
I hope you go blind, tryin to focus so much on unimportant
I hope you end up alone, distancing yourself from everyone
I hope you run out of tears, cryin too much
I hope you explode, due to a big desire of tryin to be on top
I hope you never make dreams come true, unless you work
I hope you run out of money, investing on your mobile and not talkin to your people
I hope you break your wings, tryin to act higher than your standards
I hope you go mute, talking shit out of your mouth
I hope you run out of petrol, speeding too much
I hope you become heartless, giving it to wrong people
I hope you marry in the name of love, believing in true love
I hope you never find happiness, making other people sad
I hope you die empty, trying to refer to reality
I hope you lose yourself, chasing others
I hope...

(stop disappointing yourself)
Sincerely, Kate