Ok, so many people may find me weird for loving books. But to be honest with you, I don't really care. I am a bookworm. I absolutely love books and how they make me able to go to other places without moving out of my comfy spot or bed. So I thought that now, that I have some spare time because school is almost finished for the year, that I would share with you guys, my fellow bookworms or anyone that wants to enagage in reading more books,here are my top favourite authors!!

1. James Patterson.
James Patterson is an American crime/ thriller writer. He has won so many awards for his books and has collaberated with many authors to create some really awesome books. What I like about him is that when you read some of his crime or thriller books, you think it is one person and then all of a sudden it changes completely to someone else and then it changes again!! He is just so good and is perfect for anyone who is into crime, mystery and thriller books!

2. JoJo Moyes.
The awesomely talented and brilliant author that bought us Me Before You. I love her style of writting and I love how her books have a balance of happiness and love and then sadness that always turns out to end in a good way. I seriously recommend this author and her books as she is an brilliant author!!

3. John Green.
The talented and quirky dude that bought to us the world renouned book, The Fault In Our Stars. He has also written other novels such as Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. I love how he is able to make nerdy people look cool and that it is ok for people to be nerdy. When reading his works, be prepared and have a box of tissues, because seriously, The Fault In Our Stars book made me cry sooooo much.

4. Josephine Moon.
This author is an Australian author. If you love food, she is the perfect author for you!! She has written three books so far called; The Tea Chest, Chocolate Promise and The Beekeepers Secret and has another one coming out in 2018, so next year. The reason why I love this author and strongly, strongly recommend her, is that she combines people's (her characters') everyday lives with food and you can see how both the character and their journey revolves around food and how their journey ends in a positive and uplifting way. Please, please read her books!!!

5. Rachel Craw.
This author is amazing!! For any people that love Sci-fi books, this author is perfect for you!! Have read the Shield series and I LOVE THEM!!! They just kept me up all night, reading and I did not get any school work done, because I had my nose in her books! I love how she combines sci-fi elements and romance. Jamie and Eve's relationship, #realationshipgoals. They go so many things together and yet they still go strong. I love her books.

6. Jackie French.
Yet another Australian author but an awesome one! If you are into reading history based books then please read her books. I love and adore her series called the Matilda series. It all starts with Matilda moving from the smoke polluted city to the country to find her dad, and then like the famous song, her dad, the swag man jumps into that billabong and Matlida is left to fend for herself.It then continues to say how she is known as 'Waltzing Matilda". I really like this series and I hope that you guys will too.

So that is all that I can think of but there will be a part two of this because I will probably think of tons more later. I hope this helps you my fellow bookworms and I wish you all Happy Reading!!

Wild Heart 16 xx