Hello and welcome to my new article.
Today I'm going to tell you my CHRISTMAS BUCKET LIST🎅🎄🎁(yeah I know it's a long time till christmas time starts but you need to use every minute of it)🙈

1. Watch the show "The Secret World of Santa Claus"🎅
So this is a really old show and it's made for children but I watch it every year and it's give me so many christmas feelings.

2. Bake cookies
Nothing is better than baking santa claus cookies, right?

3. Eat all the christmas treats
For me: gingerbread, chocolate bananas🍌🍫 and dominoes

4. Drink punch/hot wine punch
Do I need to explain something?!🙈

5. Go and visit a christmas fair🎡
I love christmas fairs the feelings around it are so incredible and it's so much fun. Plus all the yummy food😋

6. It's time for your christmas playlist🎼
Okay so I hear my christmas playlist since November😅

7. Decorate
Fairy lights☄, window pictures❄☃️, christmas trees🎄...

8. Presents🎁
Try to start buying/making presents as soon as possible. It will save you so much stress.

9. Watch christmas movies🎅📺🎬
My all time favorite is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" it's so funny and really old but still good. What is your favorite?

Thats it! I hope you enjoy your christmas time and sorry for my bad english😅