I'm actually not too fond of writing my favorite books because I'd like to sound intelligent and put down all the classics of literature or whatever but I can't because all my favorite books are pretty much all teen fiction.
I used to love reading so much but I realized that books cost money and ya girl doesn't have that extra cash; that still applies to this day. My friends found illegal alternatives of sites that put books online but I absolutely cannot read legit books like that; all that Kindle and audiobook bullshit, I cannot do it. I don't really know why but I just need the physical thing. Therefore, I have been off my reading game for a long while now so the books I mention might be books you already heard of.

*This is my warning of being a cliche basic bitch teenager so I apologize in advance.*

In no particular order...

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  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

My love for this book is surreal. I read this in 2012 when the movie came out and unfortunately I did watch the movie first (it's an amazing movie as well). Back then when I was a little preteen, I related to it and I always find myself rereading it every once in awhile and each time I do, I relate to it more and more. As everyone gets older, they experience and learn new things so as I did and continue to do so, I understand the book a little more each time.
Plus the book is super small and short so if that doesn't get you to read it, I don't know what will.

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  • Harry Potter and The... by J.K. Rowling

Do not touch me and my Harry Potter. I cannot explain my love for Harry Potter!!! J.K. Rowling is a complete mastermind. The fact that she came up with a whole new world is unbelievable. I have so much respect for her.
Though, I am a little ashamed to admit that it was the movies that got me hooked and also the fact that I'm only on the second book which is HP and The Chamber of Secrets... Again, books cost money.
I may be a little bias but I just know the rest of the books are amazing and anyway in most cases, it is a known fact the book is better than the movie.

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  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

You're probably thinking how basic I can be but don't even act like you and your mama didn't read this book. I feel like this was the book that got people into reading because of the movie and that's how it became so overrated. Fortunately, I read the book long before the movie came out and both made me cry like a little baby. You can't deny that this book was truly a work of art of a whole new type of love story.

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  • The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

I think everyone has read this book in school - correct me if I'm wrong. It might be a little lame to like a school "required" book but in my opinion, if you like the book you had to read in class, that's extra points. The topic of the book which is somewhat about gangs isn't my usual cup of tea but it truly is a great book; it may be fiction but it gives you a little insight on that topic. It was such a good book that I voluntarily watched the movie on my own time and now it's one of my favorites.

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  • Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James

Do not judge me. If you read my first entry on this challenge, you would know that I used to write fan fiction and this book series started as a fan fiction so it only makes sense. No, I do not read it specifically for the sex but it does give you an insight on that whole part of the world. I admit, the sex was the one that made me curious to first read the book but the story is actually so good. You sympathize with the main male character. I actually didn't read the last book which is Fifty Shades Freed so I got to start on it before the movie comes out. Anyway, If you are mature enough, I do suggest giving this trilogy a chance.
Fun fact: These books were the only exception to me reading online because I didn't need my mom to be finding out I was reading this.

At this point, I've realized that I only mentioned books with movies. Again, I haven't read in a long time and I can't reference back to my old books because, and I explained it in my first entry on this challenge, I recently moved from an island to a state so I had to leave my books behind. It's easier to remember a movie than it is a book and sure, if it was my favorite book I shouldn't have forgotten but cut me some slack here.

  • The World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer (Couldn't find a picture on WHI, sorry.)

Finally a book without a movie. This book was insane. It's somewhat about the end of the world. What's crazy though is that this was the last book of a four-part series and I didn't know until I completed this book. I was confused at first because obviously, I didn't read the first two but it was a good book nonetheless. I could only imagine how much greater it would have been if I read the first two and completed the series. If you consider reading this, start from the very beginning.

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  • Looking for Alaska by John Green

Another John Green book and kind of basic but not as overrated as TFIOS. I actually didn't really want to mention this book because I kind of forgot what happened but all I know is that this one definitely tripped me out and made me cry. If a book can make me cry, it's game over and automatically a good one. I didn't read every single one of John Green's books but I think this is one of his more deep, dark ones, if that makes sense. I'll try and reread it and maybe update this in the future.

I know for a fact that I have way more favorite books but like I said in that little side note, I can't really reference back. I really hope in the future that I can be able to save some money aside to buy me books and I can also broaden my taste in them. It always saddened me how a lot of people hate to read for leisure because reading is good for the soul to be completely honest. Being able to be in another world for a little while and expanding your imagination and knowledge is so cool; screw what anyone says


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