1. sigrid's dynamite

beautiful, music, and musician image
don't know where i am with you forgetting time and space with you

2. tove styrke's mistakes

tove and styrke image
and I've been trying to put it behind but can't deny we got a real vibe

3. dagny's wearing nothing

alternative, dagny, and girls image
all I hear is the rhythm of my speeding heart it's getting loud and I can't hide it

4. lasse lindh's hush

swedish and lasse lindh image
i could just go with you between our time

5. passion pit's where the sky hangs

passion pit and michael angelakos image
the people push it forward, my body can't afford it i step up and take it, but i fall to the side

6. emily zeck's two cents (ice cream song)

emily zeck image
i hate to say it but i don’t chase much expect for the dollar bills and the ice cream truck

7. cosmo pyke's chronic sunshine

cosmo pyke image
before you know you'll forgot what to speak

8. clean bandit x marina's disconnect

90s, marina and the diamonds, and pink image
i need to look out for myself yeah i need to disconnect

9. oh wonder's lose it

oh wonder image
sunset high and our bodies low blood rush in the hazy glow

10. mark the beast x akylla's covered in roses

rose, red, and flowers image
why you covered in thorns? try swimming in roses

hope you enjoy these songs as much as i do