For the longest time, people have always asked me why I'm so keen.
A smile playing on my lips, a twinkle in my eye, I walk with confidence. Like a queen.
I am happy, or at least that's how it may seem.
To the outside world, who knows nothing but the filtered pictures I post showing where I've been.
But one can only dream,
When the only true release they get is through the blood they bleed.

And when I wander through the flowers like a bee.
Watching the world go by, tree by tree.
Observing the birds fly by, three by three.

Or when all one can do is beg and plea.
As they watch the shadows walk off from the end of the dark alley.
To just be as happy as they may seem.

God, I hope no one is this unhappy.
I hope no one is ever as unhappy as me...