Essays are never an easy piece of literature to write. Especially when, your mind tells you one thing yet your professor or teacher say another. You should follow the steps in this essay for a better grip on how to write a great essay.
First and foremost, always indent your paper. If your computer does not allow you to use the tab button, hitting the space bar five times will do the trick. This is an important part of writing any great work. The indention at the beginning of each paragraph allows your audience to figure out where each new paragraph begins. As well as indents, double spacing your lines is just as important.
Secondly, try as hard as you can to not use the word ‘I’. Use any other word you can think of, just not ‘I’. This is very important in expository essays and personal essays as well. If you manage to not use ‘I’ in a personal essay, you will blow your teacher’s mind away. On another not, do not use the same word over again. This will weaken your essay.
Furthermore, You should at least have five paragraphs; your thesis and opening statement, three informational sections, and last but not least, a concluding statement. If you have more than five paragraphs, don’t worry! Just don’t ramble off of the topic.
Lastly, if you need an essay tracker, like the one your teacher gave you from third grade and on by all means, USE IT!! If it confuses you an you would just rather write what you think, then go ahead. Remember, you can always go back and edit your work!
In conclusion, essays can either be easy or difficult. The good thing is no matter what, you can always return to this paper for help and guidance.
Jessica Knapp