Hi guys! How are you? I hope you are well. This time I'm gone try to write something more personal although it is difficult for me to express my feelings. Many of you may have passed from the same situation that I have so I would like to receive your comments. Well, it is a complecated situation that starterd a year ago and more with my second best friend. But I will start from the begging. We have known each other for four years, but last year when we hang out more and open to each other more and tell our views about aspects of life our relationship was not the same. For example she didnt accept the way that I dressed, she didnt respect my opinion about anything. All the time she critisized me, for everything. Suddendly, she wasnt the person that I first met. She was a different person. It was like she turned into monster. The pick of the ice was that summer that we went for vacation in our friend. She continue the same behaviour, while I explain her all the time that when you have someone as your friend. It means that you love him/her for what he/she is and you respect them despite of for example you dont agree for their dress code. We had a big fight in the midddle of the night, while we were in the bar and then was the time that I realised that she would never change. She will never accept the way that I dress, my point of view in different things, my love for fashion and other things that totally make me. So, I decided to take distance from her. I have took her outside of my life. We have many common friends that she went and told them everything although I was not agree. I dont like to cry over my promlems, but I tell you my story because I want everyone that may be is in the position or was at the position that I was to know that you are not alone. You should remove these toxic people from your life. You should be brave. I am sure that outside there are many people that will enjoy your compony, will respect the way you dress, they respect you as person and the most important they love you for who you are. For your good and your flaws and they stay by you despite of the fact that they may not agree with your decisions. I hope you enjoy my article and remember that you worth. Dont stop love yourself. Be you and everyone who truly loves you will find the way to stay in your life in other way there are many people that they would like to enjoy you.