You know... sometimes you will come to that point in life where you tell yourself: "Ok, that´s it. I can´t anymore." But you know what? I learnt that those negative thoughts will not only change the way how you think, but also how you will decide in life. And in the end those thoughts will only bring you down. Like... come on guys! Life is way too short, we have so little time and that´s the reason why we should change the way of our thoughts and decicions. You´ve been always too scared to try something new? Why? You´re scared of what other people think? Why? Just do what you want to do, because the most of us are lucky enough to live in a country, where we are able to do that. So: You´ve always been too shy to tell your crush you like him or her? What do you have to loose? Go up to him or her and say it out loud. Trust me, you are only free, if you don´t care what kind of "bad" consequences could come. Because: there won´t be any. So go out there and do whatever you´ve always wanted to do. Just remember that you won´t do it for nobody else but yourself.

I hope that we all stay strong and mostly not afraid. Let´s do something with our important time on this planet.

(Also sry, but my english sucks haha)