You’ll agree with me that ALL teenagers need best friends.

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Definition of Real Friendship

As a teenager, I feel that I need someone in my life to trust, someone I know I can tell whatever I want and know that person will agree with me, or just be confident enough to tell me she/he’s not.

I think a BFF is the one there aren’t awkward silence moments with, the one that always makes you laugh even though you are sad or angry.

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It’s also the one that encourages you to do healthy/good things, like do exercise, go out of your house, study more… or just do something w your life lol =)

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And DEFINETLY a real friend isn’t the one that lies to you in the face, it is not the one that makes you feel like you aren’t important or valuable.

A good friend isn’t the one who uses you only when she/he needs you or just when they want…

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This ^ should not happen in a friendship

So, please, DON’T let anyone make you feel bad or useless. Know your worth and you’ll know who deserves to be in your life and who doesn’t.

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It is lovely to have a beach day with your squad and take awesome pictures with the sunset

btw this was my first time doing an article, and i'm not english, so if there's something bad typed excuse me. my IG is @neusii7 =)