Everyone wants an answer to this question: How can I be successful in school?
Well, I have the answer! But remember, it isn't a big deal if you get a bad grade on homework or a test, as long as you're working to the best of your abilities, it's okay! Even if you don't have straight A's.
So, here are some tips on how to have success in school!

Take Notes!
Always take notes in class when the teacher is explaining something, especially something you struggle with, take notes! I know you can get lazy and not want to take notes, but the things you learn, you will most likely be tested on- it's nice to have notes to look back to!

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When you get home from school, make sure you take an hour or so to yourself. Eat a snack, watch a movie, etc. You need time to relax, then start your homework. Don't rush to start your homework right away, it will make you (more) stressed.

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Ask Questions!
Always ask questions in class if you have them. I know you might feel awkward being the only person with their hand up, but there's a big chance someone else had the same question. Or, you can wait until you have work time in class, or until after class to ask your question/s if you really don't want to ask in front of the class.

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At least once or twice a week, come home and study, study. Try not to wait last minute to study before a test. This brings us back to the notes thing, notes will really help you with studying for tests.

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Take Breaks!
While studying, make sure you take breaks in-between. Stop to have a snack, watch a show, whatever, give your brain breaks!

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Going back to what I said earlier: please remember that a bad grade or a low score on a test isn't a big deal, and don't let something like that bring you down. Make sure you're taking care of yourself first. We all have subjects we're worse at, maybe yours is math, maybe its history (mine's science). Just be kind to yourself and try the best you can!