hello there ^.^

so today i'm gonna tell you something about life.
what do you think life is easy? hah ofc no!
Actually everyday we have been tested sometimes we are happy or sad.
we all pass through tough in life sometime we just gave up many time we said no i can't do it,i'm tired of my life.NO! YOU CAN DO IT. here's a story which i read she just gave up on her life there was no one bout her side! when she really need someone but no one was there! like everybody is busy with there life:| but what we have to do is just stand up stay strong! say to yourself yes girl you can do it! even there is no one by your side but GOD is here that's enough for you. no gurl don't say fucked it i'm tired of trying.you shouldn't to rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole. you're allowed to scream,you're allowed to cry,but do not give up!

hope you enjoy it<3