Here I am, lying on my bed, looking at the rain that falls outside of the window, looking at the tears that fall from the sky. I feel the cold on my back and pull the blanket up and wrap myself trying to warm my body and my soul that is frozen with all that our society has become.

For a minute, I can't see the rain, all I see now are little blurred pixels because my mind is not there anymore. Just my body.

My mind is somewhere on a mountain, at the entrance of a wooden shack, it is snowing, the pine trees are covered with snow, the view is breathtaking, but the cold is freezing me.
So, I enter into the shack and look for someone to warm me from all the darkness that haunts me, someone to get me out of the cold that this loneliness makes me feel, but there isn´t nobody inside.
Then I sit on the floor beside the sofa and the fireplace, cover myself with a blanket and lean my head against the sofa, but not even the hot fire can warm my soul, because the presence of loneliness in my life is too much, I have no shoulder to lean when I cry, I have no one to make me laugh, I don't have anyone who misses me.

But I promise I'll fight for this world where I live i stop being so cold and cruel and become warm and full of love.

I see again the rain falling outside.
Rain can be cold and it can cool my room, but I know that somewhere there will be someone who will hug me and warm up my room, someone who will enter that shack and lean me on his shoulder while I cry.

by Carina Queirós