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Every single year I look forward to one certain event. I'm not talking about Christmas, New Year's Eve, Halloween or my birthday. This event is Eurovision Song Contest and it's held every spring.

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Eurovision Song Contest is (as you can conclude from its name) a song contest for members of EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Every year each participating country sends its contestant to the competition and the winner is chosen after two semi-finals and the Grande Final. Results are based on televoting and international juries and their votes. The competition is always held by the latest winner country and Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be placed in Lisbon, Potrugal!

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I love music and that's why I love Eurovision Song Contest, too! I've been an active fan since 2009 and it's always unbelievably interesting to pick your own favorites beforehand and see how they manage in the competition.The show is also really entertaining and spectacular every year. I personally am excited about Finland's (my home country) qualifications, too, and Sweden's as well. Sweden has actually epic Eurovision culture and they are front runners in the contest almost every year!

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Eurovision Song Contest also brings people together and the Eurovision community is huge! The show has become so popular that it's broadcasted inter alia to the USA, China and New Zealand every year. Many people also travel to the hosting country for seeing the contest live and some day I want to be there, too. ♥

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