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When I was talking about autumn,I have never ever had good mood, definetely. Every day when autumn has already come I tried to overlive this sad season. Grey and weary sky, an endless rain, the darkness since 6 pm... I was not really delighted with all of it, and my heart was waiting for incredible Winter's tale. But this fall has changed everything in my conception about the autumn time.
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It all started on September. This month I used to hate so long because of school. But one day I just was walking around my village. And unbelievable beauty of everything around suddently happend to me! I was suprised because of it! I have been blind so much time! When leaves are falling down and the sunset covers the top foliage and your heart literally skips a beat... Your body stars motionless and you cannot say anything.. This time you understand what the happiness is.
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To be honest, I've never felt this way. I really fall in love with autumn. Everyone says that it doesn't matter at all, but for me it does. When it's autumn time, you can feel everything about this world, you can think about moral or a calmness. You keep peace of mind and that's the main thing. It brings you feel of something good that gonna happen. You know it, you're waiting for it.
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I have never ever loved autumn. But now everything is different. And I do, I do love this marvellous season of year.