Hello person reading this! This article is my entry for @HeyMyNameIsYasmin's contest #WHITheFuture, go check it out if you haven't!

So, why me?
When I first got Whi, back in 2015, I didn't post, I just rehearted things and made collections, I only started to post when I heard about heartists. I tried being a heartist but I was never active, I kept on forgetting to post and basically didn't go on Whi anymore. This year, I was a little more active and over the past few months I've been posting everyday. Whi has become really important to me and I'm also active every day.

Now that you can message anyone, I've made a lot of new internet friends who I love so much. I hope to continue making friends with other people on Whi.

I also recently received messages from two lovely girls I just followed saying that they love my account and it really inspires them, which is what I'm trying to do more of. I really hope to inspire more people through my account and my posts.

Whi has become something really important to me and I hope to gain a bigger platform so that I can continue inspiring others.

Thank you for reading!~N